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The Christmas Story by Dr. Chuck Missler

  • What really happened in Bethlehem?
  • Who were the Magi?
  • Why was a virgin birth necessary?
  • On What loophole does the Messianic hope rest?
  • What does a Christmas Tree have to do with it?
  • The Greatest Story Ever Told with Dr. Chuck Missler.

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  • Time is measured from the Birth of Christ
    • Christmas as we celebrate it is more tradition than truth
      • Jesus probably wasn't born December 25th

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Notes from the Video

Christmas = the birth of Christ?

The whole world measures time from the birth of Jesus.
  • BC = Before Christ
    • AD = After Death

Christmas as we celebrate it is more tradition than truth.

When was Jesus born?

  • Probably not December 25th.
    • Shepherds had flocks in the open field.
      • This never happened after October due to the weather of the area.
  • The year?
    • Generally accepted as 4 BC.
      • Based on a few errors.
    • Probably 2 BC
      • Supported by many texts of the time.
  • Figure from Herod's death of January 14th, 1BC
    • Figure from Cleopatra's death + 28 years
      • Figure from Augustus' death
  • John the Baptist was born April 19 or 20, 3 BC during passover.
    • 1 Chronicles 24 - David divided the priests into 24 groups.
      • You can follow each group.
    • Zaccharias (John's Father) finished his term + 280 days
      • is probably when John was born.
  • Figure from Mary meeting with John's mother,
    • and the stage of pregnancy she was in...
  • Chuck Missler believes Jesus was actually born September 29th of 2 BC.
    • During the "Feast of Trumpets"

Pagan rituals

  • Most "holidays" can be traced to Babylon
    • See Isaiah 43
    • Also astrology & the occult
      • 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day...
      • 360 degrees in a circle
    • Yule logs
    • "Christmas" trees
      • See Jeremiah 10
    • Wassail
    • Fertility Rights
      • Mistletoe
  • Ishtar becomes Easter
    • with rabbits laying eggs
  • Calendar year end was October 31st.
    • Halloween
  • Babylon was conquered by
    • the Persians were conquered by
    • the Greeks were conquered by
    • the Romans
      • pagan (Babylon) rituals adopted by Christians in the 4th century

The Gospels re: Christ's birth

  • Matthew
    • A Jew (Levite)
      • Focuses on Jesus being the Lion of the Tribe of Judah
  • Mark
    • A scribe
      • Focuses on Jesus being the "suffering servant"
  • Luke
    • A physician
      • Focuses on Jesus being the Son of Man (His humanity)
  • John
      • Focuses on Jesus being the Son of God

Genealogy of Jesus

  • Matthew 1
    • Traces Abraham to Joseph
      • Jesus legally the heir
  • Luke
    • Adam to Abraham
      • to David
    • through Nathum to the father of Mary
      • Jesus legally the heir

Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.
Isaiah 7:14

Jesus was born in Bethlehem

  • Because it was prophesied.

Genesis 5 = God's plan of Redemption

Genealogy Adam to Noah
NameRoot of the name
MahalaleelThe Blessed God
JaredShall Come Down
MethuselahHis Death Shall Bring

  • Man appointed mortal sorrow,
    • The Blessed God shall come down (Jesus)
      • teaching His death shall bring those disparing comfort.

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