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Setting up the KJV Bible

Published by WizarDave on 2011-12-08 WizarDave
Hi all,

I'm in the process of setting up the KJV Bible here on JESUSaves.com.

I'm using structured wiki pages.
  • All Books of the Bible have been entered.
    • All New Testament chapters have been entered.
      • Random pages have the actual text on them.

I've tested a few ways to enter the text.
  • Need to be able to link to any verse.
    • We should be able to include any set of verses from a chapter.
      • I don't have a way to wrap into the next chapter yet to pick up additional verses.

I will be using Easton's Bible Dictionary for the main page of a chapter.

Things to do:
  • Complete the structure... All Chapters
    • Convert my txt file of the Bible to include wiki code.
      • Copy and paste each chapter.

God Bless,

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