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OnLine Christian Community

Proclaiming the Good News of JESUS Christ

Promoting UNITY and TRUTH
in the body of Christ


What is Salvation?

Why did Jesus say...?
Ye must be born again.
- Jesus

John 3:7


New on JESUSaves.com

Some people look at God as the Great Almighty,
but a Creator who is not involved in his creation's life today.

Good News!!! - He is risen. He is involved in this world.
Nothing happens that He is not aware of.
We are starting a couple of new Praise Report pages.

Happy New Year!!! 2013 AD

About 2012 years ago,
  • Something happened so dramatic,
    • that the entire world
      • changed the way we count years.

BC = Before Christ
AD = Anno Domini
Latin for "in the year of our Lord"

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Fellowship with others

This is our main discussion forum.


OnLine Bible

We've had the KJV Bible online since 1995 (mostly)
I'm still working on integrating it into this new site.
(This is a work in progress...)


Praise and Worship

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  • Christian Musicians
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  • In your church
    • Community for Praise and Worship leaders

Main areas of our OnLine Christian Community

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Get involved
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    • Help create some pages for others to look around
      • What you believe are the most important areas of being a Christian with links to those areas on this site...

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