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EBD: Works, Good

WizarDave posts: 18 user offline United States
Use this thread to discuss the page:
EBD: Works, Good

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WizarDave posts: 18 user offline United States
Over the years, we've had many good discussions regarding faith vs. works. Unfortunately I'm unable to bring those discussions into the program running this site.

Faith vs works is a valid discussion point.
  • Follow the wrong path and you might miss salvation.
    • Certain denominations of churches stress the importance of one over the other.
      • Or even sometimes they preach one and never mention the other.

How best to discuss all sides of this coin?

Easton's Bible Dictionary could be used as a good starting point?
Maybe add some See Also links at the bottom of that page?

I personally believe you can never be good enough to deserve salvation & you can never be bad enough to loose it.

There are already lots of good information out on the web.
  • We need to find the best
    • And present it in a meaningful way
      • to help people find the truth
    • while at the same time
      • Promoting unity
After all that is the stated goals of this web site.

If you have any ideas:
  • add to the discussion here
    • jump right in and create some pages
      • add some wiki pages
      • write an article or several
    • add some good info to our Directory

I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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