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= Just Another Bright Idea

= pronounced jab eye

Some random jabis

Sometimes presentation is everything.
We want our visitors to easily find information.
There are several ways this information can be presented.
  • Each musician or group should have their own wiki page which would include:
    • Links to official pages and fans pages.
      • Including FaceBook, Twitter, etc.
    • Embedded YouTubes
      • Each YouTube can have its own wiki page, so instead of embedding a lot of YouTubes on the main musician page, we could link to the YouTube wiki page.
  • Various links can be added to our Directory (Collection of links)
    • Official and fan sites
      • YouTubes
  • Compilation Pages
    • This page is just to get us started.
    • Additional pages are needed
    • This page could be broken into additional genres
      • Christian Rock
      • Christian Rap
      • Gospel
      • etc.
  • JESUSaves.com groups
    • We have the ability to create groups of registered users.
    • Each group can then have
      • A blog - Daily, weekly, monthly updates. People can then subscribe to an RSS which lets them know there is a new posting.
      • A newsletter - Same but email.
      • Wiki pages
      • Articles
      • A discussion forum
    • each of which can have permissions
      • Public
      • Private = can only be seen by members of the group
      • Can mix permissions. Ex. Have some wiki pages that are public and some that are private to the group.
  • We can have sub groups.
    • Ex. Christian Musicians
      • (Sub-Group)Southern Gospel

JABIs to improve this page

Layout & Divisions
  • Alphabet A B C D E F ...
    • Then quick jumps (links) can be made.
      • Ex. If looking for Zebras click on Z and it scrolls down to the Z's.
  • Multicolumn?
    • 2 or 3 columns wide
  • Tabs?
    • There's a way to have tabs
      • Ex. Only "A" artists would show.
      • Click B tab and then only "B" artists show.
Links to JESUSaves.com wiki pages for each musician.

Would it be good to have a multicolumn table?
  • Genre
    • Date of last album
      • This lets you know if the band is still active.
  • Additional link to their FaceBook page if they have one.
This could be an additional page or this page.

Any jabis on what to do with musicians who don't have web sites to link to?
Maybe add a list toward the bottom?

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